Hello Maypole - Felt Balls - Maypole

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These adorable felt balls come in a package of 50. They are made with 100% wool and each ball is hand-felted, approximately 2 cm in size. Perfect for stringing on a garland for any celebration, or everyday for no celebration at all! Also fitting for wreaths, jewelry, or sitting pretty in a jar.

One package strings a garland, placed back to back, that spans approximately 4 feet. Also available strung as a garland. The balls are strung on an 8 foot string and can move about the string to fit your desired space. Placed just one ball width apart, the garland can double in length.

This colorway includes six colors: white, tomato soup red, teal, pea soup green, ballet slipper pink, and mustard.

These items are handmade in Nepal.

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