Struck Company - Unicorn Fart Soy Candle

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Smells like unicorns farting pleasantly in your face.

|Notes of lemons, limes, cherries, grapefruits, berries and vanilla|

*No two Unicorn Farts are the same. Each one is unique.
**No unicorns were harmed in the making of this candle. All unicorns are fed an organic diet of sugar and love.

♥ 9 oz. 100% soy wax with cotton wick
♥ clean burn time is approx. 75+ hours
♥ phthalates free, no additives or dye
♥ hand poured with love in dallas, tx

After you're done burning your lovely Love Struck Co. candle, reuse the jar for all your needs!

For best burning results, burn for only 3-4 hours at a time. Allow the melted wax to reach the edges of the jar to prevent the wax from tunneling.  Always trim the wick before each use, keep wick trimmed to 1/8 inch.

Soy wax is a biodegradable, renewable resource, burns cleaner and longer than paraffin, does not pollute your home with toxins and carcinogens like paraffin, and supports American farmers. You can feel good burning Love Struck Co. candles in your home!

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